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Passionate about food and life

As soon as I am done with my lunch or dinner, my mind immediately goes to the question, "what am i eating next?" My wife gets annoyed and says we just ate, how can you think about food? the fact is i never stop thinking about it. I like to explore all the restaurants in Central New Jersey where i live.

Food as Community

Food has a special ability to bring people together. I often find this in my own life, and I hope you will find that this online community feels just as welcoming as a real kitchen. For me, cooking together builds the best communities! Let's get cooking together!

Sharing recipes

When someone asks me for any recipe, i find it flattering and spend longer than usual time explaining in detail. My love for fresh ground pepper, cilantro, fresh tomatos and cheese has taken me on crazy eating sprees which i will share soon

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Ultra Foodie