Happiness in a spoon

Only if something I eat touches my soul, I can sit and write about it. It is raining outside and I am sitting having some strawberries topped with some caramel. The reason I write this is not because of this caramel sauce, it is because I found the mother of all caramels, and yet it is cheap and available to anyone who can go to their nearest Trader Joe’s.

caramel and strawberries caramel open 2

You can heat it up and pour it over ice cream, pancakes, strawberries or just about anything. Or, if you are like me and must have something sweet without packing on the crazy calories, you can have a spoon of this easily available decadent sauce and savor every bite or lick. A spoon of this caramel is more satisfying than a whole slice of caramel cheesecake and that is saying something.
If you have ever had Toffo from United Kingdom, this is just like that, but in thick liquid form. The best part is that it not too sweet, just the perfect taste of caramel and every bit (or lick) will leave an aftertaste for at least 2 minutes, so you can enjoy one spoon for at least 5 minutes which will satisfy the hungriest of sweet tooth, even if it is a Goliath sweet tooth.

cocoa almond

As a crazed foodie, I cannot help but keep this in the house all the time.

Another must have item is the cocoa almond spread, if you like dark chocolate and almonds, then this is a match made in heaven. This is a perfect melange and you make it a menage by adding a strawberry in the mix. The texture is not too creamy and you get the velvety melted chocolate feel in very bite.

cookie butter opn cookie butter

I cannot end this topic without mentioning the Cookie Butter, crunchy or creamy, whatever your preferred sin is. If you are the person who eats a cheesecake only for the graham cracker crust, then go find this bottle and marry it because you will never let it go. This is like having a crunchy cookie batter mix in your mouth.Again, not too sweet, just perfect to snack on.

If you think I will enjoy eating something, please let me know at noor@ultrafoodie.com, I always welcome new suggestions.

Live well and enjoy.

A Taste of Italy in Wayne, New Jersey

The place is bright with amazing lighting and smiling staff,  Palazzone 1960, is a unique place where you can expect to satisfy your taste buds, especially your sweet tooth or if you are a coffee connoisseur.

Opened in November 2012, the owner Giancarlo has a couple of other branches in his native Italy, and he chose to bring his expertise over here for all of us to experience. This is the kind of place you would expect to see in a place like Brooklyn, NY.

Let’s start with my favorite dessert in the world, the Tiramisu. Many claim to make it well, but few can really come up with the right combination of coffee, lady finger and other ingredients needed for the perfect tiramisu. I have always said that the most important thing is not the taste or the texture, but the “lingering aftertaste.” The tiramisu is moist and you can see that the base has been dipped in coffee and the cream and coffee has formed a perfect melange with the lady finger and one bite will have you hooked. One advice, go early because they make a fresh batch daily and this tends to get sold out very quickly.

tiramisu tiramisu2

Cannolis tend to get soggy after a while, not this one, you can take it home and still eat a fresh crispy cannoli with the most delicious ricotta cheese. It is not too sweet and has a very distinct aftertaste that makes you want to wait a while before you take a second bite. Treat yourself and have one.


One of the best things they have is the Lobster Tail, it is filled with fluffy Chantilly Cream and a little drizzle of chocolate and powdered sugar on top. You get a crispy shell stuffed with Chantilly Cream and all I could think about was the next bite before the current bite was done.

Lobster tail

The chocolate cup, Pistachio cake, Carrot cake, Strawberry-Chocolate Mousse and Napoleon are the perfect addition to any table or any event. I have yet to try desserts that are so good and original in taste. The best part is that they are not very sweet, the pistachio has the taste of pistachio without the extra sweetness, the hazelnut that has the nutty hazelnut taste not influenced by sugar.

choc-cup strawb-choc-moussepistachio Napoleon - bite size Napoleons

In my opinion, Palazzone 1960 has food that is inspired by flavor, not just sugar, the desserts that actually taste like they were meant to. It is a place you can go regularly and reward your taste buds for being good and actually crave quality stuff.

If you live near Northern New Jersey, drop in and check this place out.



Food and Tech

In a world where everything is online and automated, the only thing we have that can only be made by people is food. There is no substitute for handmade, gourmet food.

I go to some of the same cafes and restaurants where I live (northern New Jersey for now) and eat from what I feel is the best of everything.

I will write a review of my visit to Palazzone very soon (fantastic Italian eatery in Wayne, NJ), get prepared to get tempted…..no no no…. insanely mouth wateringly hungry.